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Duela Dent

I'm gonna make this pencil disappear.... Ta-daa!

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Aggressive Expansion (aka this page is under construction)

*Policy on “friending”*
While I am not opposed to making new friends, there are some things you ought to know first if you are considering this.
It's probably more likely that I'll friend you if we've had some kind of interaction somewhere before. Even if that interaction might not have been conversational, as maybe just something like we see each other a lot on a common friend's journal. It's nothing personal, I'm just not one to open my journal to random strangers who just come from out of nowhere.

Also it's very important to know that I take my friendships very seriously - I consider my friends here some of my best friends. Even if we've never had a meet-up before, they're just like the friends I know outside of the Internet. Therefore, don't add me if you're a collector of friends on LJ and just like making your flist bigger. You won't be added back.

Note. I don't say this scare you off. This is just how I roll. If this wards you off, we're probably not meant to be friends anyway, no? ;) I'm just a girl who loves her friends dearly. All my current friends already know all of this, so wanna be friends? It's something you'll learn too. :)

And one last thing... When making your request to be added, please say somewhere why you want to add me as your friend. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, but I'm really not sure what to make of someone adding me without saying a word or just saying "Add me PLZ?" [Well I'd probably just assume you're a friend collector actually...] Chances are if we've interacted enough before, this won't be an issue anyway.

Friends... what's been said:

joyyjpg: Amy bears the Official Mr. J Seal of Approval. I think that speaks for itself. As if that's not enough, she is also the Charlie to my Hurley, which makes her a bloody rock god - thus WAY BETTER THAN YOU.

tinhuviel: Despite her LJ handle, batkisses is a True Joker friend, which means she's a true friend of mine. Her fic is brilliant, her outlook refreshing, and her love for the 80s is refreshing. And she provided me with Massive Attack, which means I bow before her on a daily basis.

Care to add something? Comment here.
Come on testify.

Name: Amy (or you can call me by any of my RP names, etc.)
Age 29.
The Dark Knight
Not just a movie, but a life altering movie experience. "You've changed things... forever." Ah how true that is. Though for me The Joker could actually say the same thing about himself. He's changed me... forever. He really and truly has. Okay no I'm blowing up any hospitals or doing social experiments [though I know plenty of people who sure deserve to see a magic trick, lol!] but he's helped me obtain true inner freedom. All it took was a little push. :)

To give you some idea, pre-TDK, I considered the song "Ghosts In My Machine" by Annie Lennox to be my own personal theme song.
-Sample Lyrics-
Oh womankind was born of pain
My soul keeps hurting just the same
Oh come and take this pain away

I give too much
Get used too much
I lose too much
Get bruised too much
I bleed too much
I need too much
I'm sleeping with the ghosts in my machine

Now it's changed to "Very Last Moment In Time" by Lindsay Lohan
-Sample Lyrics-
It seems like I woke up
Beneath a different sky
And I'm drunk on what I'm seeing
Through these open eyes
All the little ways you move me
All the places you expose
The illusion I held onto
You've got me letting go


Other random obsessions:
~ Nostalgic things [things from the 80's especially :D]
~ LotR
~ Harry Potter

(*Personal Notes: So that I may find them easier, links to some fanfics I've written. Listed by fandom):
Duela[Harley]/Joker [Going Out Of My Mind Over You]
Duela[Harley]/Joker [Currently Untitled]
Duela[Harley]/Joker [Arkham Asylum]
Duela[Harley]/Joker [100 word drabble: Good Morning, Starshine]
Duela[Harley]/Joker [The Eye Of The Beholder]
Duela[Harley]/Joker [Poker Face]

The Munsters

And fics not written by me, but written for me by some awesome people on my friend's list:
Pearl Necklace [An NC-17 dirty Joker fic. A gift from rancid_rainbow.]
[*A sequel is forthcoming. YAY!]

A few of my other favourite things


“I’m sure this is going to make me a much better person.” ~ Carol Hathaway (ER)

“All it takes is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust.” ~ Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

“When Cameron was in Egypt’s land, let my Cameron go.” ~ Cameron Frye (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

"Goodnight Mrs. Ochmonek, wherever you are." ~ Alf (Alf)

"That's why they call it the jungle, sweetheart. ~ Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom)

"I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger." - The Joker (The Dark Knight)

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight)

"What makes you think I want to hear you talk?" Salvatore Maroni (The Dark Knight)

Stamp & Blog Crew Information
A few of the ones we relate to (*If you don't see yours here don't get offended, we just have A LOTTTT of stamps. We also may rotate these from time to time depending on my mood.)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Phyllis Diller, Casey Kasem @ classicvaclaims
Steve Carell & TDK's Joker @ soulmate_claims
I am the Lily Allen of LJ @ real_or_fiction
I am the Audrey Meadows of LJ @ real_or_fiction
I am the Danielle Ferland of LJ @ real_or_fiction

I am the Julia Roberts of LJ!

My Other Rating Community Stamps
My Other Blog Crews & Claims
My Colourbars

I am also the proud moderator of the following Rating Community:
wantafeeling (Care Bears)

And co-mod of mirror_animate with lastunicorn

I also maintain the following blog crew/claim communities:
childstarclaims (Where I have proudly claimed and expressed my love for Justine Bateman, Brice Beckham, Linda Blair, Tiffany Brissette, Karen Dotrice, Ami Foster, Annette Funicello, Cherie Johnson, Sarah Rose Karr, April Lerman, Amy Linker, Denise Miller, Jeremy Miller, Ashleigh Ashton Moore, Erin Moran, Amy O'Neill, Butch Patrick, Dana Plato, Alisan Porter, Aileen Quinn, Ariana Richards, Rebecca Schaeffer, Tasha Scott, Lark Voorhies, Tracy Wells, Barry Williams, and Tina Yothers)

Dolls made by me

Dolls of me [as made by others]

(*Created by lastunicorn)

(*Created by little_nimue)

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